Saturday, August 25, 2012 is coming back!

About 6 months ago I let the website I hosted for 10+ years die due to lack of interest on my part. is coming back as this blog, once the DNS records are propagated this blog will be live at

Slackware 14 RC3 is out

From the latest changelog

This is Slackware 14.0 release candidate 3, and is hopefully the last stop on our long road to a stable Slackware release soon. After hearing that the 3.4.x kernel series will have long term support, I tested 3.4.9 hoping that it would prove stable enough to use that as the release kernel, but there are problems with an oops in kernel/time/clocksource.c every few boots. Given that the 3.2.x series has been very stable, it seems prudent to stick with that for release, and 3.2.28 is going to be the release kernel. So, one more round of testing. Let me know if there are any problems. Thanks!